Finally getting myself a new computer…! \o/
So, I’m opening these up.Nothing big and majestic though I’m afraid. Pretty simple “black & white” things without colors on a 800x800 pixel canvas size.
One character - 7 US$Two characters - 10 US$And any more additional characters will be + 3 US$ each.A simple bust or headshot of a character could be only 5 US$. Depends on the details.
What I WILL draw:- Canon x Canon- OC x OC- Canon x OC- Hetero- Gay/Les- Gore/Violence
What I WON’T draw:- Porn/Sex- Ponies
PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL ONLY!I will send the finished drawings and files of the artwork to the customer via e-mail.

Please support this woman’s awesome artwork! BUY ALL THE THINGS!


Finally getting myself a new computer…! \o/

So, I’m opening these up.
Nothing big and majestic though I’m afraid. Pretty simple “black & white” things without colors on a 800x800 pixel canvas size.

One character - 7 US$
Two characters - 10 US$
And any more additional characters will be + 3 US$ each.
A simple bust or headshot of a character could be only 5 US$. Depends on the details.

What I WILL draw:
- Canon x Canon
- OC x OC
- Canon x OC
- Hetero
- Gay/Les
- Gore/Violence

What I WON’T draw:
- Porn/Sex
- Ponies

I will send the finished drawings and files of the artwork to the customer via e-mail.

Please support this woman’s awesome artwork! BUY ALL THE THINGS!


So the last picture there popped up over on livestream again and people wanted to see/know more of that whole scene. While explaining I drew these up.
It’s missing the dialogue and a few panels here and there but you get the basic idea.

Can’t believe you guys are all actually interested. u///v///u Thank you so much! ♥

Does SOPA affect England?

I would do some research into what SOPA does, Google has all kinds of sources you can look up :) <3

the SOPA thing is a hoax.

you know the the whole "SOPA is coming back!!" thing is a hoax right ._.


SOPA isn't actually back, yo. I did some googling and found jack. Unless you have a source that isn't the one tumblr post going around, you seem to be fearmongering and that's kind of a dick move.


SOPA 2014. Hoax, Or Something Hush Hush?

I’ve been getting a couple of notes saying how much of a jerk I am, and also various notes that have very good questions pertaining to the petition to stop SOPA 2014. Don’t know if I’ll answer the ones insulting me, but I’ll definitely table those for later and be putting to the light the answers to the questions I know people on Tumblr desire for at this time. 

Why are people asking me so many questions? I blame the amount of sources I, regrettably, didn’t bookmark, and I also blame my urgency at the time and wanting to spread the word to stop the threat I believe is there and not being very specific with some things on my first post. I apologize for that.

Anyways, let’s move on to the topic at hand.

SOPA. Is it a Hoax? Or a something not much talked about?

To answer the first question, I’m not entirely sure at this point. I’m leaving it up to each individual reading this to be the judge of that. I’m unsure at this point because of how it’s all come about.

The whole thing started on February 11th, or somewhere in the beginning of February… As far I was concerned at that point, I was too busy worried about other things in my life to be seeing if SOPA was coming back, I thought it was long dead. But when my friends came to me a little while ago this month, saying that it was back… My first reaction was: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” 
My friends assured me it was no joke, and thus, I looked into it the best I knew how: Their sources, and Google. After their sources were looked up, I took it upon myself to sign it to get it out of the way, and then do some more research.

A lot of the sources I found then, I could not find again when asked for them, but at the time, I looked at the sources on some DeviantArt Journals they had heard it from. I then jumped on Google after I had signed the petition and searched under the images first since that usually how I got the first of my information on SOPA in the past (Since the thing tends to come back reincarnated each year… Blegh).
The first image I found was this:

Hey, what do you know? Another DeviantArt source.
Some of you may be thinking at this point “DeviantArt?! That’s no reliable source if it’s from a Journal on there! And one of the next sources is from DeviantArt too! And it’s only an image with the link to the petition! What does that prove?!”
Before you guys jump down my throat, hold your horses. I then searched Google through the website, and, of course, found some sources I can no longer find now… Go figure.
"Again, you expect us to believe that crap?! Look how they so conveniently disappeared! Drama Llama! ASDJFDHLFDKJ!”
Thank you random made up stranger, thank you for that comment. I shall now continue, might as well stop reading if all you want to do is yell.
"I do what I want!!! TIS A FREE INTERWEB." 
Kay, moving on…

So, after I researched those sources, I began to create awareness of SOPA, especially since I believed that it to be true. I spread it around DA and Tumblr. Hey, I made a typo or two on the first post, so sue me. I edited the post when I got better information when I proved to be wrong about the fact of only USA citizens being able to sign it, and when the date of the petition changed from the 17th to the 19th of March for some reason… Though, I will not deny there are still people shut out of signing it even if they do click the “sign this petition” button, being greeted by a message saying that it’s not for their country. I’m human, I made a mistake, I tried to correct it. (Not that much of anyone bothered to look at my edit! I still don’t understand the point of there even being an edit option if it won’t actually edit your post once it’s been spread around… Oh Tumblr…)

Once awareness was spread, I began to think my mission of spreading awareness was accomplished. Right? WRONG.

It’s no longer about spreading awareness, I now have to explain that I’m not trying to spread around junk posts or to gain attention like the supposed “dick” or attention whore that some complete strangers on Tumblr make me out to be. 


Whoa there random stranger. Again, I’m not sure.
This may be evidence that the whole NSA movement thingamahoosit started on the same day people supposedly rose up to stop SOPA and PIPA. Had no idea PIPA was in play either until recently, BUT… moving on. 
Here’s some sources that isn’t from DeviantArt:

In the second source of the petition, you’ll notice it was published on February 17th. Which happened after and very close to the whole protest to the NSA thingamahoosit. 

In the last source, you’ll notice it says:  ”The SOPA and PIPA protests were successful because we all took part, as a community. As Aaron Swartz put it, everybody “made themselves the hero of their own story.” We can set a date, but we need all of you, the users of the Internet, to make it a movement.”
This could mean one of two things.
1) SOPA and PIPA were proposed and rewritten again, and we had, at one time, gained a victory over it this year (or perhaps it could mean in previous years we triumphed over it, which we did). If we gained a victory over it this year, we may not see again this year.
2) SOPA and PIPA are back, and the protests were successful because we stood together as communities, but they still need us to make a movement, the users of the Internet, to stop SOPA and PIPA from going through. The solution? Possibly a petition.

So is the petition a hoax? Is this whole thing that SOPA is coming back, a hoax? Or something very hush hush?

The person who created the petition must believe very strongly that SOPA is back, and rewritten or reworded, but will still spell trouble for the people all across the Internet. Based on the date posted, and that there have been different movements in February as well, I believe this to be no coincidence or move to create hype. So, it could just be fairly hush hush, for whatever reason. Is it just a simple case of not enough awareness raised? Possibly.

But it’s also possible it could be a hoax as well. This petition could’ve been created as a sort of insurance policy, showing the government that if they try to propose SOPA 2014, it absolutely will not fly, and will never fly into being law. A hoax to create awareness toward the people that are in the government? A hoax created to show that we will not stand for another SOPA? Possibly.

Either way, there is absolutely no harm in signing the petition. Unless you are extremely paranoid about signing your name digitally against something such as SOPA, there really is no harm in signing it, fake, or no fake. It’s not like it’s a hit list guys.

Do I believe it could be real? Yep.
Do I still encourage the signing of it? Absolutely!
Do I want you to panic? NO! My intention was not to create fear and “fear-monger”, as an Anon noter once said my intent was. The post was to raise awareness, wake people up, have them see that there could be another SOPA in the works right under our noses. It’s gone unnoticed for long periods in the past, what’s to stop it from going unnoticed until the last minute again?

I love you Tumblr people, that’s why I wrote this explaining things. This post is an explanation as well as an edit to my previous actions. An edit ON an edit, if you will. 

You be the judge! Hoax? Or Hush Hush? You have the freedom to choose!

May I ask what factual evidence led you to make that SOPA 2014 post? I have done about a half-hour of research and it seems like nothing short of a total hoax to me. I can't find any news reports about a rebirth or SOPA. What's your source?

My first sources were a couple of friends of mine. They started telling me that it was coming back. So I did some research. This is one of the first things I found:

I then looked at a couple of Journals on DeviantArt about it, signed the petition, and started to do some research as I was able due to having limited access to the internet at this time due to personal family things going on in my life at this point in time. 

Some of the sources I found I can’t find because I really didn’t think to bookmark them at the time, but I have found another source that’s been making me question what the heck is going on recently… This one:

As said in this link: “The SOPA and PIPA protests were successful because we all took part, as a community. As Aaron Swartz put it, everybody “made themselves the hero of their own story.” We can set a date, but we need all of you, the users of the Internet, to make it a movement.”. It really has me scratching my head, because this tiny paragraph makes things sound very contradictory… It says the protests were successful, but they also say the users of the Internet need to rise up and make a movement… This was back in February! Why didn’t I hear about this much then? I don’t know, but the person who posted the petition did so back in February. So, I can only assume they believed very strongly that it was coming back, and decided to make a petition when this nonsense was all going on, what with the NSA thing as well as SOPA and PIPA. 

Where the hell is this proof??? I have no freakin’ idea anymore! Hoax or no hoax, is really so bad to sign something against something like this? To be honest, I think it would send a strong message to the government not to try this shit again this year if they try to. From what I know, they’ve tried to propose SOPA over and over again by rewriting it and trying to make it “better”, when it only makes things worse.

I hope this helps. I apologize for any confusion.

Did you fake a SOPA petition to get notes on a post?


If it is a hoax, that was not my intention to try and deceive anyone.
In all honesty, I could care less about notes. I don’t go on tumblr to be an attention whore, I get on tumblr to communicate with different artists, watch my friends’ stuff, and have fun reblogging funny or cool stuff. 

This whole thing actually started in February, and the person that posted it must have believed very strongly that it was coming back, and different friends of mine asked me to sign it and also look into it when I could since I’ve been having family issues at this time. I signed it, and started to look into things. I will admit I wanted to get word out immediately because SOPA has been rewritten and proposed over and over again over the years. The more I’ve looked into it though, the more things aren’t really adding up in my opinion. While SOPA and PIPA were proposed in February, there are websites claiming that people should rise up and defeat the threat against the whole NSA thing as well as SOPA and PIPA. But then again, there is one that I found that says it’s defeated, and yet it STILL says “We can set a date, but we need all of you, the users of the Internet, to make it a movement.”. So what the hell is going on? I don’t know for sure. But there is no harm in signing something against something like this. Hoax, or no hoax.

where are you getting the information that sopa is back from?


I looked up different sources on the internet as I’ve gone along, but I can’t say for sure if the reproposal is completely dead. But there is a good source that I found recently that says SOPA was defeated in February of this year, but I don’t know how that can be to be honest since there is very limited information on this matter. I’ve tried to find various sources, but most of them consist of things from February, and the Petition was posted in February… So, this person must of created the petition when SOPA was being proposed again, and supposedly defeated.

This is the information about the whole NSA thing and SOPA and PIPA from February. But there is limited info on SOPA and PIPA anymore.

Nonetheless, I apologize for any confusion and panic. That was not my intent. I signed the petition because I’m unsure if it’s as dead as people say. Either way, hoax or no hoax, you really have nothing to lose by signing it.

were your proofs sopas back? I cant find anything

I’ve been updating as I’ve gotten information from the internet and from close friends. I’ve decided to sign the petition, hoax, or no hoax. Either way, we have nothing to lose. If it’s fake, oh well, you signed something meaningless. If it’s not, you’ve made a difference. I can’t say definitively that it’s real at this point the more I’ve looked into it as much as I can. I’m currently on vacation right now and have been busy with my family, but I’m not trying to have everyone panic, but at the same time, make people aware that bills can be proposed over and over again and rewritten. 
Hoax or not, I can’t say for sure this time…

I posted an updated thing about the SOPA act on the as I know about it, but I do know that in February when this all started, a lot of people were pissed about the reproposal, protests happened everywhere, but I don’t think a petition was signed at all. No one is noticing the updated of my post version unfortunately, so the original keeps getting spread around and there’s really nothing else I can do. I wish tumblr’s editing system was a bit different :/

I apologize if I’ve created any confusion or panic, that wasn’t my intent.


SOPA, stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act”. It’s a proposed bill by the United States of America that aims to crack down on copyright infringement by restricting access to sites that host or facilitate the trading of pirated content.

But that’s not all it does. It makes the innocent suffer, all across the Internet. By making fanart, fanmade videos, fanmade animations, fanfictions, fanmade gifs, a CRIME. And also censoring countless popular websites like Youtube, DeviantArt, Wikipedia, Google, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, due to it’s very specific goal to wipe out anything considered “copyright”. 

I believe the Internet was created to share fandoms, creating communication to those outside, across our country and on a global standpoint, by finding common things that we all like and can relate to, to talk about with one another about these things, and to create businesses that may relate to the things we enjoy in our world. And I believe a lot of those freedoms will be taken away if we let the United States government control everything that we know and love about the Internet, by wiping all of it clean.

There is HOPE though! We can work to protest against this, and sign a petition against SOPA, against the people that work so hard in the American government to kill off everything that we have come to enjoy on the Internet today! 

The United States has no right to make decisions for the Internet that would effect the world in such a negative fashion. For years now, they’ve tried to pass it right under our noses. But again and again, the people have found out, and risen up against the decision to censor our internet.

In 2014, this time around, there is a good number of people outside the USA unable to sign the petition, but there has also been a good number of people able to sign it outside the USA as well. I suppose the USA government is trying to block more and more people out of this decision. If you are able to sign it, sign it, and spread the word. If you are not able to sign it, spread the word to those who can.

The Deadline? March 19th. We don’t have time to waste!

Please sign the petition if you are able! The Internet needs your help!

(Source: thedarkestprime)